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Tomatoes, Lentils, Tamarind, Black Pepper, Spices, DGNV

Chicken Manchow Soup$5.00

Green Pepper, Spring Onions, Ginger, Garlic, Chicken Stock, Mix of Vegetables , DGNV

Goat Soup$4.00

Green Pepper, Spring Onions, Ginger, Garlic, Chicken Stock, Mix of Vegetables , DGNV

Veg Manchow Soup$5.00

green, peepers, spring onion, ginger, garlic, mix of vegetables


Samosa (Mix Vegetable)$6.00

Fried homemade street food savory with Mix Vegetable

Medhu Vada-primary$7.00

Fried lentil Doughnut served with Sambar and Chutney

Sambar Vada / Rasam Vada$7.00

Fried lentil Dought immersed in bowl of Sambar/Rasam

Franky Veg/Paneer Roll$10.00/11.00

Spiced Vegetable/Paneer wrapped in tortilla

GOBI Manchurian$11.00

Batter fried cauliflower & mix with Sauce

PANNER 65$12.00

Batter fried Panner cubes spiced up in traditional south indian spices

French Fries$4.00

Crispy potato fries, cheese, garlic, spices masala

Okra Fitter$9.00

Mix okra with chick pea flour with pepper, cilantro and deep fried

Chilli Paneer$13.00

marinated paneer stripes tossed with chef special chili sauce

Schezwan Paneer$13.00

marinated paneer stripes tossed with chef special schezwan sauce


Egg Bajji$7.00

Popular south indian snack deep fried egg with chick pea flour served with coconut chutney

Chicken Samosa$7.00

Fried homemade street food style chicken filling served with green chutney and tamarind sauce

Chicken Chinthamani$13.00

Chicken strips deep fried with chef special sauce

Chicken 555$13.00

Chicken marinated in ginger, garlic South indian style sauce spinkled with cashnut

Pomfret Fish Fry$14.00

Pomfret fish marinated with indian Spices and grilled

Chicken pepper fry$13.00

roasted fresh chicken meat with Chennai spices and black peppers

Lamb Pepper Fry$15.00

Roasted fresh lamb meat with Chennai spices and black pepper

Chicken 65$13.00

South indian dish made with street sided marinated with authentic sauce

Chicken Majestic$13.00

Chef special sauce marinated with chicken, Spicy yogurt sauce and deep fried

Madurai chili fish$14.00

Popular in Hyderabad marinated tilapia fish with spices, ginger, Garlic deep fried with south indian spices


Plain Dosa$9.00

Rice crepe made with rice and lentils,Served with chutneys and sambar

Cone Dosa$9.00

Rice crepe made with rice and lentils, Served with chutneys and sambar

Masala Dosa $11.00

Rice crepe filed with spiced potatoes, Served with chutneys and sambar

Mysore Masala Dosa$11.00

Rice crepe filed with spicy masala, Served with chutneys and sambar

Cheese Dosa$12.00

Rice crepe sprinked with cheese

Ghee Roast Dosa$12.00

Thin rice crepe spinked with ghee, Served with chutneys and Sambar

Kal Dosa$9.00

crepe made with rice and lentils, Served with chutneys and Sambar.


Egg Dosa$11.00

Rice creap with egg omlet, Served with chutneys and sambar

Chicken/Lamb curry Dosa$13.00/14.00

Rice crepe stuffed with chicken/lamb masala, Served with Salan

Plain Uthappam$8.00

Rice & lentil pancake

Mix Veg Uthappam$10.00

Pancake topped with mixed vegetables

Onion & tomato Uthappam$10.00

Rice pancaked topped with onion & tomatoes



Cottage Cheese marianted with yogurt, cilantro, indian spices


Chicken leg marinated with garlic and Chef special sauce


Chicken thigh marinated with indian spices and special sauce


Chicken thigh marinated with yogurt, cream, cilantro, special sauce


Dal Tadka/Dal Palak$11.00/12.00

Mix lentils tempered with roasted cumin

Hyderabad Eggplant curry$13.00

Roasted eggplant cooked with indian spices

Bhindi (Okra) Masala$13.00

Okra cooked with indian spices

Paneer Tikka Masala$14.00

Paneer cubes cooked in mild cashnut & tomato gravy

Saag Paneer$14.00

Panner cubes cooked with creamy Spinach

Malai Kofta$15.00

Stuffed potato & cheese ball cooked with creamy sauce

Neelakiri kofta$15.00

Stuffed vegetables ball cooked with mint and basil sauce

Channa Masala with parota 16$16.00

Garbanzo masala Served with multi layered Malabar parota

Pistachio Veg Korma$16.00

Grilled seasoned Vegetables cooked with rich pistachio sauce


Egg Curry$12.00

Boiled egg cooked with Southern spices

Kadai Chicken$14.00

Chicken cooked with Kadai Masala

Chicken Chettinadu$14.00

Chicken cooked with south indian special chettinadu masala

Butter chicken$15.00

Marinated chicken cooked with ginger, garlic, creamy tomato, fenugreek leaves

Chicken Tikka Masala$15.00

Tandoori chicken cooked with tomato and creame sause with indian spices

Lamb/Goat Vindaloo$16.00

Slow braised cooked lamb cooked with potatoes, home made vindaloo sauce

Lamb/Goat Rogan Josh$16.00

Slow braised cooked lamb cooked with home style spices

Malabar Fish curry$16.00

Pomfret Fish cooked with shallots, tomato paste with malabar masala

Aditi Shrimp curry$17.00

Shrimp cooked with chef special sauce, served with kal dosa

Pistachio Chicken kuruma$18.00

Chicken breast cooked in rich pistachio sauce

Mutton Sukka with Parota/chapathi$19.00

Goat cooked with onion,chili and southern spices


Aditi Spl Veg Biryani$12.00

Aditi Spl Egg Biryani$13.00

Aditi Spl Chicken Biryani$14.00

Aditi Spl chicken Boneless Biryani$15.00

Aditi Spl Goat/Lamb Biryani$17.00

Vijayawada Egg Biryani [Spicy]$14.00

Vijayawada Paneer Biryani [Spicy]$16.00

Vijayawada Chicken Boneless Biryani [Spicy]$17.00

Vijayawada Fish Biryani [Spicy]$18.00


Plain/Butter Naan$4.00/4.50

Garlic Naan$5.00

Garlic Cheese Naan$7.00

Cheese Naan$7.00

Chilli Cheese Naan$7.00

Chef Special Stuffed Naan$8.00

Chapathi/Parota (2)$5.00


Coke/Diet Coke/Sprite/Coke Zero$2.00

Masala Chai$3.00

House Coffee$4.00

Mango Lass$5.00

Orange Juice$5.00

Fresh Lime Soda (Salt/Sweet)$6.00


Gulab Jamun$6.00


Sweet Pan$3.00